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Is Childhood in Crisis?

Is Childhood in Crisis?
Atrium bar, The Studio, Cannon St, Birmingham B2 5EP
Tuesday, February 9 at 6:45pm - 9.00pm
We are told that children are under threat from strangers and paedophiles; obesity; becoming passive and apathetic or violent from playing video games and; stressed from being constantly tested at school. Meanwhile out-of-school activities are disappearing because adult volunteers would rather resign than undergo demeaning criminal records checks in order to prove they're not paedophiles.
In our climate of mistrust, childcare workers and teachers think twice before comforting a child with a hug, or putting a plaster on a grazed knee. Parents concern about their offspring’s safety means children rarely play unsupervised outdoors. Are over-protective paranoid adults unintentionally restricting children’s social and psychological development, and creating a nation of cotton-wool kids? Is risk aversion damaging children?

Dr Helene Goldberg
Co-founder and Director of Spiked, sh…